Monday, April 19, 2010

Orange & Chocolate Mmmmm Mmmm Good!!

We just got home from a weekend out of town visiting family and no matter how comfortable your accommodations are while away , it always feels so good to be home.. The pets are fed and the house is filled with the delicious scent of a Pink Sugar Soy Tart from The Tempting Tart . Now if only the bags would unpack themselves everything would be fab.

All in all it was a great weekend. My niece Morgan is finally starting to feel a little better and with fingers crossed will be out of the hospital sometime this week. The Hubby got to play some golf and I got ice cream!!!!! It really is sad how the little things in life bring me such joy. Now this wasn’t just any old ice cream. This was farm fresh, chocolate orange ice cream. It tasted exactly like the Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange that you can occasionally find at the grocery store. Thank goodness it is four hours away or I may have a new problem.

Now I am fully aware that this flavor may not be for everyone ( even though it was beyond delish), so I figured I would find you some orange and chocolate in other forms.

Chocolate Army ~ Photo Greeting Card

Orange and Coral ~ Embroidery Pillow Cover

Almond Kisses ~ Room Freshner/Linen Spray

Orange Earrings

Organic~Vegan Chocolate Scrub

Orange Berry Bag
Masala ~ Dog Collar

All of these items can be found by clicking the shop name in GREEN under the product photo.


  1. fantastic! love the chocolate scrub!

  2. Thanks for including me earrings here!! I love chocolate! ;-)

  3. Mmmmm...a girl after my own heart! I love the products you featured here!