Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heather Mitchell Draws Sophia

As you all know by now I think Miss Sophia is simply divine. She would almost be perfect if it wasn’t for that one little issue of humping my leg. We are working on this but who can blame her when my legs are so irresistible. Seeing how much I love my Poopsie Woopsie it is no surprise how absolutely thrilled I was when Heather of HeatherMitchellDraws Offered to draw her. She was kind enough to let me see the work as it progressed and it really was a treat to watch it come together. We just received the original in the mail yesterday and it is even better in person.


Here is some of her other amazing work

Heather is not only a great artist but she is truly a sweet person. 
Please check out HeatherMitchellDraws  


  1. Gorgeous drawing!
    You'll treasure that forever, I'm sure :)

  2. such beautiful drawings! love that top one.

    found your etsy shop and love your blog! thanks for sharing your work! so inspiring! stop by and say hello sometime :)

    best wishes!

  3. incredible artist and beautiful drawing of sophia!