Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who knew losing money could be so much fun?

Only in Vegas is it fun to lose money. I am sure it would be even better to win but that place just takes all the pain away.

Our trip started off on an interesting note. My husband and I were not seated together which I absolutely hate because I tend to fall asleep and sleep with my mouth open. That is not a vision I desire to share with strangers. Luckily the people I sat with were very involved in their books and hopefully not noticing the open mouthed girl sleeping beside them. When we got close to the airport is when I learned something new. The pilot came on and told us that we would have to circle around for at least a half hour because the President just happened to be at the airport and was getting ready to fly out therefore making the area around the airport a no fly zone. Those last thirty minutes went by very slowly but once we landed I was super excited to be there.

We decided to stay at the Venetian. This place was amazing!!!! I have never seen a more beautiful hotel in my life. To top it all off, it smelled absolutely divine! Of course I had to investigate the smell which was bitter orange and now my new fav smell.

Once settled we headed out to the casino and were surprised to see a ton of celebrities. There was a charity poker tournament going on so I guess they were all there for that. It is funny when you have a notion in your heads as to what someone is supposed to look like and then you see them in person and they are half the height or half as attractive as you thought they were. A few of the celebrities that I recognized were, Slash, Christian Slater, Tony Hawk, Joanna Krupa, Jason Alexander the tall guy from Everybody Loves Raymond and Montell Williams who had a super young beauty on his arm and wore his pants way too high.

Here is how the rest of the trip went. Eat, gamble, drink, eat, sleep and repeat. I really had a good time and really appreciate my honey for talking me.

So any way’s now that I have yapped and yapped I want to get to the shop that I want to share with you. I was talking to my Momma on the phone yesterday and she told me about this really great shopWildWomanJewelry that she found on Craft Gawker . Not only does this girl have really beautiful stuff in her shop but she is also Canadian!!!!

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  1. thanks so much! and it sounds like Vegas was loads of fun!

  2. Found you on FB Link Love.
    You've got a great blog here and I'm happy to follow. Your Vegas trip sounds like fun! xx

  3. That would be fun to see a casino with something going on. Mostly when we live here, a nice trip to the casino is when you don't run into cranky gamblers. Regulars get possessive over their machines, and really upset if you win when they just lost.